Melissa Chen is a licensed Massage Therapist with over 10 years of experience, who continues to build on her training and expand her body of knowledge, which includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, and Prenatal Massage; her training also includes intense work at The Esalen Institute in California, focusing on Shiatsu and Reiki Massage. Most recently, she has been offering Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage, a cutting-edge deep tissue technique.

           Melissa stated Remedy Massage in 2011, when she realized that she could provide better quality service to clients when she had more freedom to mix and match modalities and technique in order to create individualized, comprehensive treatment plans, rather than the factory-like, "one size fits all" massage experience that is often found in bigger massage chains. She also wanted created a peaceful environment for clients; one free of negativity, where positive energy prevails. Remedy Massage is that place and Melissa Chen is that kind of massage therapist.

          In the quiet of her tranquil studio, Melissa fully focuses on you, the client, and becomes totally present to you and your needs. She is intuitive and personable and is able to "feel" areas of tension, form a diagnosis, and make a treatment plan that will maximize your benefits. Motivated but he pleasure and healing that her work brings to people's lives, Melissa puts clients first, always looking for the highest outcomes for each person she treats.